Marlupi Dance Academy
  • * Rebecaa Alexandria received the "Youth Grand Prix" Award (The Champion of All Candidates, The best in Classical and Contemporary) in Pre-Competitive Category from Youth American Grand Prix 2017 and has been invited to New York Ballet Finals 2018.
  • * Alya Fathiyyah (Primary A) won 3rd place, Charlenne Angelica (Primary A) won 10th place, and Stella Kang (Junior A) won 6th place at Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition 2017 in Hongkong
  • * Freya Zaviera (Pre Competitive 1), Ilona Jahja (Pre Competitive 2) and Rebecca Alexandria (Pre Competitive 3) were the 1st winner on each category at The Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition 2017 in Hongkong
  • * Efania Sumanadevi (Pre Competitive 1), Alya Fathiyyah (Pre Competitive 2) won Fonteyn Prize (4th place), and Raissa Septi (Pre Competitive 2) won Sansha Prize (5th Place) at The Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition 2017 in Hongkong
  • * Twenty Eight Marlupi's Ballerinas are competing at the Asian Grand Prix Ballet Competition 2017 in Hong Kong to represent Indonesia.
  • * Two Marlupi's Ballerinas (Stela Kang and Karen Wijaya) received at scholarships from Kirov Ballet Company, Washington DC, USA
  • • Marlupi Dance Academy represented Indonesia at International Youth Dancer Festival 2017 in Miami, Florida, USA on April 2017.
  • • Two Marlupi’s Ballerinas competed the World Ballet Competition of Phyllis Bedells Bursayr, London on March 2017.
  • • Marlupi Dance Academy won the most talent award and 1st winner of Junior Group in Dance Prix Indonesia Ballet Competition.
  • • Four Marlupi’s Ballerinas were the finalists of Taiwan Grand Prix 2016 and three Marlupi’s Ballerinas were invited to perform with Miko Fogarty at Gala Night Performance in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • • Agnes Indira Mayrani became 1st winner of Junior Category at Malaysia International Ballet Grand Prix 2016.
  • Jasmine Olinda, Angelina Natalie Halim, Ameilia Lioe (Pre Junior Category) are the First Indonesian Finalist at the ASIAN GRAND PRIX Ballet Competiton in Hongkong.
  • Regina Skolastika (Junior B Category), Agnes Indira and Trixy Bianca (Junior A Category) were the Semi Finalist at the ASIAN GRAND PRIX Ballet Competition in Hongkong.
  • MDA won the 1st and 2nd place in Hong Kong International Youth Dance Competition 2014.
  • Resti Oktaviani became the 6th person in Indonesia to achieve "SOLO SEAL AWARD" from Royal Academy of Dancing, London.
  • Claresta Alim got promoted to join the full member of the professional company for the next season 2013 - 2014 by the Art Ballet theatre of Florida, USA.
  • Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) represented Indonesia for the International Dance Festival in Lima, Peru, on June 2013.
  • Cindy Kwan, Resti Okitaviani, and Kathleen Wijaya represented Indonesia for prestigious "Genne Award Ballet Competition 2012" in New Zealand.
  • Maria Linsy was accepted in Goh Ballet Academy - Vancouver, Canada.
  • Michael Halim became the first male who successfully awarded "RAD Solo Seal" in Indonesia.
  • Claresta Alim was accepted as a professional dancer at the 'Arts Ballet Theatre' of Florida, Miami, Florida, USA. Ludvina Theodor was granted full scholarship from Chicago Ballet School - USA.
  • Michael Halim and Maria Linsy Ariani participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition” in Singapore and helped staging Indonesia as a contributing country in the ballet world.
  • Michael Halim (MDA student) participated in “Phyllis Bedells Ballet Competition” in London, and was the first Indonesian male candidate.
  • Claresta Alim and Irene Aryanto (MDA student) participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition” in Singapore. Irene was successfully awarded “Solo Seal” and Claresta received one-year scholarship from The Joffrey Ballet School and pursued her ballet
  • Lianawati Alamsjah (MDA student) was successfully awarded “Solo Seal”
  • Shintya Kumalasari (MDA student) was successfully awarded “Solo Seal”, and is now is one of MDA’s best teachers.
  • Yanti Marduli was also known as the first bearer “Solo Seal” in Indonesia, and then pursued her career as professional ballet dancer in “Manila Ballet Company”, in Manila.
  • Yanti Marduli (MDA student) participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition”, and was the first Indonesian female candidate in the competition.
  • MDA participated in the Australian Dance Championship and awarded in ballet category, jazz, contemporary and broadway. One of the MDA dancers was awarded "The Dancer of the Year of the Australian Dance Championship".
  • Seven junior dancers from MDA won the 1st place in the Ballet and Jazz Dance Caravan Competition in Los Angeles and won the best overall Junior Team of Ballet and won 1st place of the Tremaine Ballet and Jazz Competition in New York.
  • MDA participated in Jazz World Congress in Nagoya, Japan and granted "Choreography Award".
  • MDA won the 1st place of Jazz and Ballet Category in the "Tremaine Duo Ballet and Jazz Competition" in Los Angeles.
  • MDA won the 1st and 2nd place of Single, Duo, and Group of Ballet and Jazz Category in “Tremaine Ballet and Jazz Competition” in New York, “I Love Dance Competition” in San Francisco , and “Dance Caravan Competition” in Los Angeles
  • MDA won the 7th place in the “Modern Dance World Championship” in Zurich .
  • MDA won the 1st place in the “South Pacific Junior Jazz & Ballet Competition” in Sydney .
  • MDA won the 1st place of Jazz Group Category in the South Pacific Senior Jazz Competition in Sydney.